Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thank You's - plus - PIF Candy Coming Soon!

Ok, so this is a long overdue post on all counts. Over the last probably two months I won a couple of blog contests and candy drawings that I never had a chance to photograph and post for everyone to see. I apologize to the awesome ladies that sent me these wonderful prizes for not getting recognition sooner. I have a "catch up list" that I am plowing through so I can be back on track and *timely* - starting now. That house hunting period really cut into my stamping and blogging time, let me tell ya!

This first one is from the amazing Linsey Rickett. I met her when I was the Guest Designer for Clear Artistic Stamps back in April. She's got a great blog with constant updates, go check her out! She is also a current Guest Designer for Gina K. You're a rockstar Linsey, thanks for the goodies! Here's a pic of my loot - there was so much it wouldn't all fit onto my little photo taking backdrop:

I also won a High Hopes stamp from Bela White at Bela's Creating Place. She asked to see some new cards made with floral images to help get spring sprung! Since High Hopes stamps are the *cutest*, I made a couple flower cards - and I got lucky! Bela also stuffed in a bunch of stamped images from other High Hopes stamps too, as well as some great designer paper. Bela, you're so generous. Thank you so much, I love Stanley! Here's the goods - and HERE is the stamp I got:

I also won a copy of the latest VSN magazine from Etha {not pictured} when she was published in it -- yet again! She's on fire! I was excited to win this because I hadn't seen the actual publication before, and I am mustering up all of my courage to try to get some stuff published - I have heard it's good to see the magazines you're going for to see their style, etc.

Last but not least, I got some Pay-It-Forward {PIF} candy from Chris {mudmaven}. The rules of the game were that in order to claim the candy, you have to keep it going by Paying It Forward with blog candy of your own. Well, from the better late than never files, here is the package and the card that I received from Chris, with a note to all my readers - I WILL BE POSTING some PIF blog candy of my own on Monday, June 2nd at noon. The first three respondants that are willing to take my candy and PIF with three sets of their own on their blogs will get 'em. So be ready - noon Central Time tomorrow, Monday, June 2nd for PIF candy. I'll put together the packages, take a pic, and post it, along with the details. US and Canada only please for mailing - I don't know yet what all I'm putting in there but if it starts getting heavy the USPS is pretty greedy when mailing overseas. Here's a picture of what I got when Chris PIF'd.

WHEW! All caught up in that regard. Thanks again to everyone and thanks for stopping by my blog!

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