Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lilac City Designs

Guess what? The fabulously talented Kelli Caslow has taken the plunge to turn her designs into stamps. The new kid in town? Lilac City Designs!

You really have to go check it out! You can click here to go right to the page that has the stamps. Tell me those are not about the cutest kid images you've ever seen! There's a lot of info on the website so be sure to surf around and take in all the sights.

In fact, make extra sure you click to Meet the Inspiration Team. *wink* Yes, I am joining Kelli and Angie on the first-every Inspiration Team for Lilac City Designs. Kelli put stamps in the mail for us on Monday so look for some new goodies coming soon! I've added Kelli's and Angie's blogs to my left side bar - give them some love when you get a chance.

That's all for now, I am still in the middle of this sickness, although hopefully on the upward swing, so I need my health & beauty rest. ;-) I will have a project to share with you tomorrow, I promise!

3 people made my day!:

Delia said...

Congrats for being on the inspiration team. I love those Lilac City Designs. That skateboard and baseball boy are too cute. I might need to get my hands on them at some point. THanks so much for sharing.

Anne Marie said...

Wow, I just read about this over on Kelli's blog ... CONGRATULATIONS! It's nice to see your name pop up! I haven't been on SCS since I contacted you about the lists (ages ago). I;ve had to put ScrapBuzz on the way-back burner due to some family issues, but I'm so appreciative of your willingness to let me have your list there. Thanks again! And CONGRATS again! I can't wait to see the cards you come up with for Kelli's designs!

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for the shout out! stamp set came today, AWESOME!!!...i sure hope you get feeling better soon!...
;) angie/ AMR:craftyscrapr