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Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally Friday Favorites - 05/30/08

Friday already?! Where did the week go? This is not a "yay, Friday!" day for me this week though. My parents are heading home to Florida first thing in the morning {and I mean FIRST thing - it's a 6 AM flight outta here, they're back in the Sunshine State by 11:30 AM}. I am always so unbelievably sad when our visits come to an end, we are very close and always have been - living so far from them is really hard. DS #1 is older now too, and he *knows* now. He's going to be pretty shattered when he wakes up and his Grammy is gone. Anyway, we can't stop the passage of time {right?} so let's end on the up note of Finally Friday Favorites and hope for some weekend stamping inspiration -- before I start to cry.

  • Animal Parade Frame by Chelsey. This is SO CUTE! I need those animal stamps.
  • Happy Hour Graduation Card by Nettie. Love that image.
  • Tiger on Tour by Katharina. Those people at High Hopes know how to make cute animals. What a great mix of vintage and cutesy {contemporary?} images on this one.
  • Dino Pop Up Party by Karen Daley. SHUT UP! What a fabulous idea.
  • Dad Beach Card by Lyn. Love the blues, the card fold, all the beach-themed embellishments.
  • Birdie Notecard Trio by Tosha. These are adorable! All the scallops, the colors, cute fibers - they are all great, I can't even pick a favorite of the three.
  • Train Card by Ana. My DS#1 and my DH are TOTAL train freaks so I am always looking for cute train ideas anyway. But this card ROCKS even if you don't belong to a family of train freaks. heh.
  • Ismaki by Monkia Davis. Gorgeous! Love the colors, layout, image choices, ribbon....
  • Super Son LO by Delia. Delia is the most super amazing scrapper evah! She doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to be sending her a big box of photos of my family...even if she makes me ONE layout I'll be stylin'!

3 people made my day!:

Karen said...

My card is a fave??!! Shut up! :-) Thank you so much for the mention. You're a sweetie, and I'm flattered to be included with a wonderful group of cards.

I've been enjoying browsing through your blog. You make such lovely creations!

Deb Neerman said...

GREAT picks, Jen!!!

Always so much fun to see your fav's ... then they, um, usually become mine, too!

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh! You picked some great "favorites!" Thanks!

And, I hope the day went well for you. Saying goodbye isn't easy when you are so close.


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