Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tutorial Thursday - 06/04/08

Just a quick post for you - check out the Plaid-Making Tutorial over on the Kitchen Sink Stamps blog. If you haven't seen Kitchen Sink Stamps, you should check out the store while you're over that way. Maria just released like 8 new sets. {Don't tell my DH!} The whole acrylic (very high quality acrylics, by the way) three-step system she has going on makes the most GORGEOUS flowers, and other images really just pop off the page with the dimension and color depth you can get using the "layered" stamps. And since they're clear, no need for the Stamp-a-ma-jig. Although now that I know how to use it, I do. But clear is easier. And I'm all about easy. *g*

Oh, and also, check out Pamela's Check Holder Card. She did all the hard work for you, measurements included and everything!

2 people made my day!:

Heather said...

Such great links! I just caught up on your last few entries and WOW! You definitely have an eye for the cool stuff!

Kelli said...

Hi Jennifer,
I have to say I am SUPER impressed with your work! Thank you for your interest in Lilac City Designs, I wanted to let you know that I'm certainly going to be "watching you" the next few days while I narrow down the list of applicants for the inspiration team. It's getting so exciting now that things are finally moving along.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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