Friday, June 20, 2008

Stamp Sets & Updates!

I just looked in the Lilac City Designs etsy store, and as of right now, Kelli has snuck two more stamp sets in there! A skateboarding boy and a softball girl -- go get them while you can! You can check her personal blog and the Lilac City Designs blog for updates too, and info as to when more sets will be ready. The first batch she put up sold out in 14 minutes so RUN! LOL.

As for me, I am doing a bit better. All the tests came back negative - mono and strep-A. After my trip to urgent care last weekend for prednisone, I felt better for a couple days but then started going back downhill yesterday -- quite fast and a lot of pain and swelling came back. They *think* it is either a really strong non-strep-A bacteria or a non-mono virus that is just hanging on. They said they can't retest strep since I've been on antibiotics, so I guess we may never know. I am back on prednisone for a much longer period and also on stronger antibiotics so we can hopefully whip this bug once and for all. I just hope it's one of those two things and these meds, along with rest and all that will get me back. Great timing, huh? Hopefully I am on the mend, thanks to everyone for the happy & healing thoughts, I have needed them!

3 people made my day!:

Littlekel90 said...

Wow, Jennifer. I am so sorry you are still struggling with this bug. As for the strep, they could have retested you. They MAY have gotten a false positive though, because of you being on the antibiotics. Grr, sometimes docs and nurses upset me a little. ;) lol

If it is strep though the stronger antibiotic should definitely kick it for you. Hope you are better real soon!! The weekend is coming. It stinks to be sick over the weekend. Take care!! :) Kel

Kelli said...

I'm so glad that the doctors are getting more aggressive with the meds! You've been sick long enough!

I had to take prednisone a few years ago for an allergic reaction and I couldn't sleep for a week as a side effect, it was crazy. I did read a lot of books

Wombat said...

I hope you get to feel better soon!

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