Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cuttlebug Enablement - New Seasonal Collection!

Ok ladies, I got this tip from the TJ Yahoo Group {thanks to pdunbar!}. Yes, it's true, Provocraft is coming out with more new Cuttlebug stuff in June. I know many people who are STILL waiting for goodies from this last release {example - I only JUST got the Swiss Dots folder two weeks ago as I was not fast enough when they first arrived}. Many still don't have one. Anywhoo...wouldn't you like to skip that whole problematic process? Go preorder!

Oh My Crafts is taking preorders on the new Seasonal Collection. I have not ordered from them before but I have read good things from various online sources {and I already have my preorder in!!}. Just thought I'd pass that little gem along.

ETA: For you Deb, LOL! I got 5 of the A2 embossing folders. I thought that was a good start. I like a lot of them but I'm not sure how I would use the ones that are *designs* rather than just background noise, YKWIM? I'm sure I'll see lots of cool stuff and need them as well but for now I ordered the Pumkin Harvest, Christmas Ornaments, Dots & Snowflakes, Skeleton Scroll, and Spiderweb {oh yeah!}.

2 people made my day!:

Delia said...

THanks for the info,I will go check them out.

Deb Neerman said...

So, whaddcha pre-order? I like 'em all but ... thinkin' I'll get the tree, the spider web, the pumpkin viney-thing, maybe the bird ..


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