Wednesday, May 14, 2008

House Update!!

Well, here is the news from around here - we had an accepted offer on our house on May 5th, and now know that all the contingencies are good so we are closing on May 27th and then renting back until July. We found a new place and have an accepted offer there so we just need to do the home inspection and get locked at a good interest rate and we'll be in good shape! Then all we have to do is MOVE....aaaccckkkk!

Luckily we have some time so keep your fingers crossed for us that all goes smoothly. The whole house/moving thing has been the biggest reason I've been such a bad stamper and blogger lately so hopefully that's past! Now I just have to get rid of this cold! We have all the excitement around here, huh?

I'll be posting last week's favorites in a bit too -- better late than never. :-) Here's a pic of the new place:

5 people made my day!:

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes smoothly and you are in your new home!! Don't fret it will all work out.

Maria Levine said...

This looks lovely! I hope all goes well, I remember how crazy buying and selling can be. Good Luck!

Danyelle Kessler said...

Your new house is beautiful, eh? Good luck with your move, Jen.

JessicaLynn said...

Wow.. what a great house! I love it!!

Jessica Lynn

gg designs said...

Thanks for adding the picture of your house to my "collection" as I work through the "house project." Hope to come up with some fun stuff....but right now I have no idea where I'm being led.

Thanks loads for playing.


P.S. I envy you your lovely new house...but definitely not the chore of moving and settling in. Very stressful!

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