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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tutorial Thursday - 03/20/08

Sorry I didn't get any art uploaded today, I do have a couple things sitting here but didn't get to do the photos & mojo today - DS #1's swimming lessons and massive spring cleaning took up all my daylight!

I do have some GREAT tutorial links for you for Tutorial Thursday though! Wouldn't miss that weekly feature. I know I usually only link up one or two of the highest quality gems out there, but there were some very busy stampers this week with a lot of cool information to share and I simply couldn't choose just one.

  • Lauren Meader's Marvelous Poppin' Acetate. Stunning as always.
  • Michelle Zindorf's Prismacolor Pencils. Watch your head because that bird looks SO realistic you'll think he's going to fly right at you.
  • Jessica at There She Goes with a Packing Tape Tutorial. I've never heard of this and it's soooo neat!
  • Savvy & Sassy Ribbon's Ribbon Shapes Tutorial. Love it - great use for scraps and way cheaper than you can buy the embelli's that look JUST like these!
  • Penny at Penelope's Pitstop's Faux Leather. There are other Faux Leather tutorials out there but I really like this one, it's easy to follow and her finished product speaks for itself.

Whew! That's a lotta info, I know, but all too good to pass up. We'll see if we can make next week more manageable.

1 people made my day!:

Penny said...

Hello! Well, that made me jump seeing my name up there !! LOL. Thanks so much for linking me :)

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