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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tipster Tuesday - 03/25/08

Yes, again, I know it is Wednesday. And even worse, Wednesday night, so very very late on the Tipster Tuesday. Things are finally settling back to normal though, DS #1 finally had school again after the long, long, LONG spring break. Did I mention long? Poor thing was so bored, and with me sick - ugh. Ah well, we are doing much better.

I read this tip on Jen Del Muro's blog the other day. Normally I would just link it but she had a rather long post {read the whole thing here} so I thought I'd paraphrase. The gist of it is - when using the clear glitter pens to provide a sparkly highlight {like Sakura Stardust or the Copic Spicas}, use a damp Aquapainter to pull & blend the glitter back into the image a little bit. This will allow you to fade and feather that "line" where the glittery overlay ends into a seamless transition to standard, un-sparkly image, providing a nice highlight but no visible "shelf" where that shine ends. As always when working with Aquapainters or blender pens - be careful not to use too much water - you'll pill the paper and/or bubble it up and then you're starting over. Not good!

This is a GREAT tip, and one I will be trying it on a project very soon {like tomorrow}! My cure-all for eliminating the glitter line was always to just glitter the whole thing, LOL. I think that defeats the purpose of a "subtle highlight". What, me -- subtle!?

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