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Friday, March 7, 2008

Technique Thursday - 03/06/08

A day late - again. It's just been that kind of week. I have also been working on some projects, but I can't share them just yet. I will get something up today one way or another, and I'll have some more things to share very soon!

To make it up to you I have another 2 for 1 Technique Thursday! See, you still love me. :-)

  • I always admire Faith Hofrichter's vibrant, beautifully colored cards. She does amazing things with SU markers, which I haven't used much since I got my Prismas. I'm going to have to go back after reading this awesome tutorial on coloring. Click here.
  • From technique queen Lisa Somerville - another way to create Faux Shimmer Sheetz. You might remember I linked up to Gerrie's Faux Shimmer Sheetz awhile back, and here's another option for you! Both look fabulous - try it out. And when you're ready, go subscribe to the Technique Junkies newsletter. You won't be sorry.

There you go! I'll be back later with some art, a tag, and the Finally Friday Favorites for this week - busy busy!

1 people made my day!:

Unknown said...

Great link Jennifer - Thank you X

Linda SBS-13

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