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I am a member of several Design Teams because I love and believe in the products these companies produce. Please know that all opinions states on my blog, Facebook, and Instagram associated with my work are my own and do not necessarily express the views of the companies I design for. 

I buy most of my own supplies! However, I do receive some free product to create with. Please note that I do not do paid reviews or sponsored posts, and I do not accept payment for blog, Facebook, or Instagram posts.

Aside from an occasional "sale alert" post or blurb for a general company or website, I will never share or endorse a product that I do not like or use. Everything discussed, recommended, and linked here in my posts is a product that I share because I love it - regardless of how it was obtained. I will not post negative product reviews strictly to bad-mouth a product, but I will give my honest opinion if asked.

Affiliate Programs
I participate in several affiliate programs. That means that I receive a small commission when products are purchased by clicking through links I share here on my blog (at NO additional cost to you). This allows me to support my blog, Instagram, giveaways, and my YouTube channel (coming soon - yes I'm taking the plunge!). If you like my projects and the products I use in them, please consider supporting me by clicking through these links when you shop. Thank you!

The affiliate programs I use include Polkadoodles,,,,, Sunny Studio, Blick Art Materials, and more.

Data Protection Policy
Policy prepared by Jennifer Greco for Glitter In My Hair personal crafting blog.
This Policy comes in place on May 25, 2018 and may be modified at any time without prior notice. Please check the Disclosures tab for the most up to date information.

Followers and Subscribers

We maintain the privacy of our users and subscribers to the fullest extent possible.  Subscribing to this blog is an optional and voluntary action. Subscribers to this blog may be asked to provide a name and email address. Glitter In My Hair blog and Jennifer Greco recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of the personal information collected from our subscribers. We will never share your personal identifying information or email address with any other company or entity. In addition, we do not collect any personal information for marketing purposes. If you follow or subscribe to this blog, you do so with the knowledge that the name and email address you provided, as well as any information you shared regarding personal blog or website address will be displayed publicly. If you do not wish to have this information shared, you may remove yourself as a follower or subscriber to this blog. 

If you have questions about security measures or this privacy policy, please contact me at JenLuvsStamps at yahoo-dot-com.

If you leave a comment on the blog, you do so with the knowledge that the name and email address you provided, as well as any information you shared regarding personal blog or website address will be displayed publicly. Comments are also protected under Google's Privacy Policy.

You may delete your own comments via blogger using the trash can icon if you don't wish to have this information available.

Third Parties
This blog has associations with social media and other platforms including. but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Inlinkz, Google, and Google+. Glitter in my Hair blog and Jennifer Greco also participate in numerous affiliate programs established by other Business Partners, such that they receive a commission at no cost to you when products are purchased through links on this blog. Please note that when you click on any link found on this blog, including affiliated links, you will leave the Glitter in my Hair blog and be re-directed to a third-party website.  In such circumstances, the Business Partner’s collection of information is governed by that Business Partner’s privacy policy.

I personally don't collect any personal data associated with this blog.

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