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Monday, March 3, 2008


I was tagged by the fabulous Jessica Lynn (owner of JessicaLynnOriginal), and also by my sweet new SBS13 sista Debi!! It's a Q&A tag - here goes...

What were you doing ten years ago?

Oh my, in March of 1998, I was a junior at the University of Minnesota majoring in Chemical Engineering. I was working as an "assistant engineer" for an environmental consulting engineering firm - where they made an absolute KILLING off of me because I worked my butt off and they paid me peanuts. Little tiny peanuts with no shells, LOL. I never slept because there was too much to do.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

A year ago I was *just barely* pregnant with my DS #2, and still working part time for yet another environmental consulting engineering firm. Once we found out about him I resigned in an effort to keep the stress levels down & spend extra time with DS #1 before the baby.

Name your five favorite snacks.

1. Those unnaturally orange cheese crackers with the peanut butter in the middle. Yummy!
2. Fiddle Faddle/Crunch N Munch/Poppycock.
3. Pastry.
4. Grapes.
5. Chips & salsa.

Name five things you would do if you were a millionaire.

1. Build our dream house {complete with dream stamp room}, fenced in yard, screen porch, giganormous swing set for the kids, etc.
2. Go to Italy for a month's vacation w/ DH, the kids & my mom & dad.
3. Get a nice big camper for summer trips.
4. Get some stamp "necessities" for myself, some model railroad "necessities" for my DH & some good stuff for the boys.
5. Pay for the boy's college and a nest egg for them to start in "life".

Name five things you like doing.

1. Spending time with my family & friends.
2. Stamping & scrapbooking.
3. Watching movies.
4. Surfing the internet & chatting with friends.
5. Riding roller coasters.

Name five things you would never wear again.

1. Gelly shoes. You know the ones from the mid-80's?
2. Maternity clothes.
3. Fake gold jewelry.
4. Super high-waisted jeans {that only look good on the excessively skinny}
5. Ugly undies. Go cute & fun, you'll feel better about yourself!

Name your five favorite toys.

1. Stamp room counts as one, heehee.
2. Computer w/ wireless internet.
3. Digicam.
4. Cell phone.
5. My kids' collection of DVD movies - otherwise known as "Five Minutes' Peace for Mommy".

Now, it's my turn to tag five more people. I tag Lorraine, Brenda, Chrissy, Diane, and Allison. I read their blogs every day and they're all fabulous. {I enjoy reading the "real life" posts just as much as the stamping ones!}. Hope you girls get a chance to tell us a little more about you!! You just need to answer these few questions and then tag 5 more bloggers. Have fun!

1 people made my day!:

Allison Rankin said...

I understand peanuts! I work myself to the bone and those damn kids never come through with the cash...ha ha!

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