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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tipster Tuesday - 03/11/08

Tuedsay already? Wow, time flies. Here are a couple quick tips - I still have to finish up teacher gifts for DS #1's preschool teachers - tomorrow is the last day before Spring Break and Easter so I am almost out of time!

  • Do you love the shiny stuff as much as I do {i.e. glitter, pearl ex, embossing powders, etc.}?? Well, as we all know, it can get everywhere - on our work surface, on our clothes, on our babies....LOL. Keep a Swiffer cloth right by your side when working with powders - nothing I've found cleans up better and can remove stray particles from your projects too!
  • I got this one from Rox71 on SCS - Heat your embossing powder from underneath to avoid fly away. YES!!
  • Another from Rox71 - If you use the Coluzzle templates, mark each line with a different colored permanent marker so you know which line to move your knife to when you reach that cross over point. {um, how brilliant is that? To think here I was trying to count the grooves and remember where I'm at like a dope}.
  • You know how every time you go to dinner with your family (read: "with your 3 year old") you get the kid's menu and the Blue, Green, Red and Yellow crayons to try to keep them amused while you order and eat as fast as possible? I save the yellow ones - ESPECIALLY if they are the cheap Rose Art (or whatever they are) brand. I use them for doing Crayon Resist - instead of white - for two reasons: 1. It's yellow, so you can see where you're drawing but it still rubs off just like white without staining the paper - (sometimes the darker colors leave a trace behind that won't rub off) and 2. The cheaper crayons don't color as well, so they rub off more easily while still providing plenty of resist coverage.

Ok, there's some real gems there, I hope they help someone! Off to finish teacher gifts then off to bed, but I have lots more to share this week so stay tuned!

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Diane said...

Thanks for that tip!!!Wonderful!!

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