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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tutorial Thursday - 03/13/08

Thursday night again, and time for Tutorial Thursday!!! This week I've got a link up for you, and I am hoping to have one of my own done for next week.

This was a definite no-brainer, because the best tutorial I've seen all week {or really, in a long time!} is
Jody's Drunken Watercolor. What a completely brilliant idea, and as you can see from all the photos and comparisons she included, this is a huge find! Using alcohol as a blending medium just seems to yield a richness of color that water can't duplicate. Don't get me wrong, sober watercoloring has its place, but alcohol is a great tool in the stamping cabinet!

Also, I personally did this technique to color a large paper Prima flower and it worked SO well. The alcohol evaporated quickly enough to keep the paper from getting saturated and destroying the integrity of the flower, while still allowing me to work the color across the flower. I used the flower on the card I posted yesterday -
Click Here to see it.

3 people made my day!:

Jody Morrow said...

Well, thank you Jennifer! :) I am glad you enjoyed my technique and I am loving the Prima flower! Awesome!

Lesli said...

Awesome tutorial - thanks for sharing the link!!! I can't wait to play!

jo said...

wow thanks you for sharing link, huggs jo x

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