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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tipster Tuesday - 03/04/08

Yes, I know it is Wednesday. I went to bed early last night as I was sooo tired and not feeling great. Much better after a good rest AND DS #2 slept aaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllll night!! That helps!

Here are a few tips for this week:

  • Do you HATE dealing with that little plastic insert under the StazOn covers? Take 2 glue dots and place them INSIDE the black stazon cover, then press the insert into the cover. The insert will stick to the top, so that when you remove the lid, the plastic insert comes off with the lid AND stays positioned when you are replace the cover.
  • I have this tip on paper piercing attributed to Laurie Ann Woo. When piercing around a square or rectangular frame, it's a good idea to puncture your beginning and ending dots when piercing portions of the frame. Why? So you don't overshoot your target! Then, it's easy to re-align the template and keep going. Again, puncture your beginning and ending holes so you know where to start and where to put on the brakes!

And a couple of links too:

  • A great article on how to tie perfect bows in shoelaces (or....RIBBON). Click here.
  • How to make a cross-ribbon binding on altered art books & such. This looks SO cool! Click here.
  • 20 FREE fonts available now from scrap-n-fonts, including some from Creating Keepsakes! It's a limited time offer (I don't know HOW limited, they didn't say), so go quick!
  • Carloyn King says: Anyone can color!!
  • The Inspiration Station from Michelle Wooderson.
  • Oh yes. Patty Bennett said COLORED Ribbon Slides!

8 people made my day!:

Jo said...

Thanks for all these great tips and links. The Stazon one is great.....that plastic cover has been annoying me for ages!

Etha said...

Great tips! May I add that if you do the stazon lid thing, do this on ALL your stazon inks. Can't tell you how many times I've grabbed my stazon and forcefully "inked up" my stamp with the pastic still on LOL.....

Linsey R said...

oh, you are the best! The first tip about Stazon alone is worth its weight in gold! What super links, thanks SO much! hugs!

jo said...

i'm oing a SBS13 card swap,details on my blog,huggs jo x

Anonymous said...

Love that Stazon lid tip! I was just grumbling this morning about it as I dropped the clear lid on my desk and it left ink marks. Thanks for sharing!

Richelle said...

Hi Jennifer...for keeping me inspired and show off your great creations I have awarded you a Make my day award...go see on my blog

Richelle SBS 13

jo said...

hi hun, can you send detail's to my email,
huggs jo x

p.s i bined them by mistake sorry, jo x

Melanie said...

good piercing tip there, thanks!

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