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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tipster Tuesday - 03/18/08

I have a few great tips to share with you tonight. They are totally random too, no theme this week!

  • Make yourself some VELVET brads!! Check out Taylor Van Bruggen's newest discovery.
  • An old but ALWAYS useful tip I have attributed to Phyllis McKay: when you've got your stamps and ink out, stamp extra designs that need to be cut out (for layering or whatever). Then whenever you get time, just pull out the folder or box with these in and cut them out. I have an other box with the cutout images in ready to use. Makes for some quick and easy cards that look like they took precious time to do with the layers. {I also like to do this with images that need to be colored. Then DS #1 and I can color together and not even have to go into the stamp room and it's even quasi-portable!}
  • Susan Moore at grateful heart has a great tip for ribbon dyeing - you've got wet, dyed ribbon and you want to use it NOW - tumble it dry using your heat gun and a coffee mug. Genius!
  • This was mentioned on one of my Yahoo Groups - To prevent getting strings of hot glue on your projects,keep your glue sticks in the freezer until ready to use.
  • Mary Fish says....Make your Scallops into Medallions. Oooh....

Some fun new stuff to try out! More tips next Tuesday.

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