Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tutorial Thursday - 03/27/08

Three ROCKIN' tutorial links for you this week - have at it!

  • Embossing Powder Splash from Jillene Jacobsen. This looks amazingly cool! I can't wait to try it.
  • Kris's One Hole Bow tutorial. Nice. Anything that lets me make nice bows is aces in my book!
  • Jeanne Streiff's Triple Scratch Faux Linen. This background piece is a work of art unto itself! Amazing dimension and depth of color - I've done Faux Linen before but Jeanne's way is in a whole 'nother solar system than just "brayer, sand & stamp". Don't miss this.

4 people made my day!:

fairymadjo said...

hi hun,thanks for all these tips, going to try the bow one thanks for this , i love coming on your blog to find all the tips and help you give. hugs jo x

Deb Neerman said...

Hey, there Jennifer-G! Your block rocks, I love it!!! So glad you found me so that I could find you, LOL!

~Hugs, Deb

Deb Neerman said...

Ummm, yes, your "block" is really nice but it's your blog that truly rockzzzzz!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for putting the link to my blog for the Splash technique. Send me a copy of your card when you try it! I would love to see it!

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