Thursday, March 13, 2008

An Award, For ME?!

Thank you Richelle! She said I made her day - isn't she the best? Of course this was like a week ago but it still counts! Sorry I'm so late with this Richelle, I am working on getting caught up. :)

Getting this note from Richelle (she's one of my SBS13 Sistas!) just made me smile. I hadn't stamped in DAYS and was into a little bit of a Jennifer Pity Party and this turned my attitude around!

In turn, I'd like to give a quick shout out to the following fabulous ladies and their inspiring blogs:
  • Jody Morrow with her AWESOME creations using the Essence of Love stamp set (well, and everything else too, but especially these the last few weeks!). She made me buy it - even though "I'm just not buying any more stamps right now".
  • Nancy at Scrap This! She makes the most amazing scrap pages, I am in awe of her talent.
  • Wanda at My Creative Corner. She's got great tips and art to share and she posts all the time - I don't know how she gets so much stamp time but whatever it is I want some!
  • Coley, also one of my SBS13 sistas, who is always dropping by and leaving sweet comments, I LOVE getting feedback and this always gives me a little lift.
  • Lesley, another SBS13 sista, who is always swinging by to say hi - just like I'd think a real sista would!

I hope this can brighten your day as it did mine. I'll be back later with this week's Tutorial Thursday post!

1 people made my day!:

~Nancy~ said...

Hi Jennifer!! Thank you so much for your sweet award and for your sweet message on my blog! You sure made my day too!!! So glad to have found your blog this way too!!!!!!! Enjoy your weekend girlie! XOXO

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