Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Tip-Day

As I sit here going through my Google Reader this evening, it occurs to me that I read a lot of stamping-related STUFF every day. Blogs, e-mail groups, newsletter lists, and forum sites where I read all these amazing tips, tricks, money savers, substution ideas, techniques, etc. Some of these I read and forget, but there are those that I file away for future reference, some I implement in my own stamping, or sometimes I'll e-mail on a link to a friend. There's some great info out there, but the sheer volume is truly amazing. So I thought I'd have a weekly article to pass along the REAL gems to my loyal readers (saves you all that Google Readering time!). These are, in my opinion, the 2-carat natural blue diamond type of special tips.

  • Here's one from Scrapbook Clubhouse. Can't afford the $90 for the Clip It Up? Read on!
  • Outta This funk says - don't want your Faux Clip It Up taking up precious desk space? Read on! {These two tie for the most brilliant idea EVER award}.
  • Some Copic Coloring Tips from Polished to Perfection.
  • Make some Hop Marks from Hands, Head and Heart. {sometimes I have a total DUH moment when I read some of this stuff - I mean honestly -- how perfect is THAT?!?}

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