Friday, February 1, 2008

Do It Yourself Felt Embellishments!

So, I was talking to my bestest friend Heather this morning and somehow we got around to discussing Prima flowers and the new share that Jody is running right now.

Well I, of course, already have a lifetime supply of Prima flowers for myself and my next three generations of stampers, so as much as I want those Fancies, there's just no way. Since we have seen from Lauren how to make the glittery ones yourself out of those you already have - don't really need those now, right? And that last set of fancies sort looked felt-ish to me, and I know felt accents are suddenly all the rage in Papercraftworld. We decided that there absolutely must be a way to cut felt with the Cuttlebug - hello, you can cut CHIPBOARD so felt should be a snap!

Luckily (ha ha ha ha ha) I just happened to have a few pieces of felt lying around to try this with - what are the odds?!?! LOOK what happened when I put it all together - woohoo! No more pricey felt embellishments for me. You can buy the stuff at Hobby Lobby by the 8.5" x 11" sheet and it's practically free! I just grabbed a few flower-ish dies, but you could do this with any of them.

I'm just about dying of excitement here {in case you couldn't tell}. Perhaps someone already figured this out long ago and shared it with the world, but as I haven't seen it, this is new & way cool to me!

Here's how I layerred it (bottoms up):

Plate A
Plate B
Die (cutting side up)
Plate B

It worked perfectly, you should see the edges on these babies, the cut is so crisp. I'm going to HL later to stock up on felt. So if you live around here and you get there some for me! *wink*

I'm trying it with other fabric next. I'll let you know the results!

The felt looks a little weird in the pic because it has glitter on it (me, glitter? no!) and for some reason it gave a fuzzy kinda look to the pic.

2 people made my day!:

Heather said...

This is just SO cool!!! I am totally excited about this!

Vanessa Nolte said...

I love this! I can't wait to try it... I would have never thought about doing this! Thanks for sharing this discovery!! I just got my cuttlebug for Christmas :-)

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