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Tipster Tuesday - 04/29/08

I am back with my regularly scheduled programming!! Things are a bit more normal around here - for now at least.

Here's a compilation of tips for using paper scraps. I have this attributed to Dawn Rhodes (it is from a couple years ago - she wrote/compiled this, so note that the "I" in the list is Dawn). I know unless the scraps are really small bits, I save save save them, but of course it would be better to use use use them so they're not taking up so much space and always needing to be put away!! Here are some great ideas to get the most out of your paper.

  1. I store my scraps by color by family in individual file folders for later use. I save almost any size scrap
  2. I am able to use scraps for all small pieces like word window anchors, circle backs to brads, picture corner triangles), inch and inch and a quarter squares/circles for layering punched pieces, waterfall cards, etc.
  3. When I have some time I use my scraps to punch a bunch of tags and layer them ready for future stamping use. I also make circles and squares and layer them in favorite and often-used color combinations - again for future quick card use. I store these in the small and medium plastic stamp boxes.
  4. Thin scrap strips are often used as part of the design on my cards - two or three parallel and close together on the top or bottom third of the card in a coordinating color. I have also used strips at the bottom and top of a large focal piece that fits the whole length of the card - this makes it appear as if I used a much larger background layer and really only used scrap strips!
  5. Punch several small circles of all colors and keep them in a small plastic box - when you're looking for a new color combination, throw them out on the table and look for colors that 'work' together - this was a suggestion provided at Denver regional this year by one of the artists. It works!
  6. Use the very thin strips for 'grass' filler in a basket. Put them through the paper crimper for more texture.
  7. Paper Salad is a favorite of mine!! Take several pieces of your scraps, put them in a cello bag, with a 1/2 sheet of neutral CS, an Envy, and couple pieces of matching ribbon. Tie the bag up with a pretty ribbon or make a topper..... easy, CHEAP gift!!
  8. For layering of course!!
  9. Color Blocking
  10. To make color charts for each color family!
  11. Trading Cards on a ring. Cut your scraps to trading card size, 2 1/2 x 3 1/2. Then punch a hole and put them onto keychain rings. This makes great gifts and also an easy way to show samples of all colors!!
  12. Mosaic cards
  13. Use the rectangle double punch along the bottom of a card and 'weave' a strip through.
  14. Use our Jumbo Circle or Jumbo Square, and make a card stock sampler ring as a prize or gift.
  15. Use really thin strips with the Window Word Punch (I especially love to do this with scraps of background or double sided papers since I hate throwing away any scraps of the stuff....
  16. Use thin strips to make a 'border' - you know, kind of like they use a chair rail in decorating.. then stamp coordinating colors and images above and below the border.
  17. One of my favorite things to do is if I am not sure how a certain color will look stamped on a color of cardstock, I use a small scrap to stamp color on color to test it.
  18. Also, if I have a project that I didn't like how something turned out, I save the stamped pieces for testing purposes. Also, you never know how a ruined project for one thing will work in the future and be 'just the thing I was looking for!'
  19. This might sound wierd, but I always have more scraps of some colors, like a ton of one color and none of another...it is weird to me, anyway. When I am preparing for a class, I plan projects using the large number of scraps first, especially if I have larger pieces.
  20. This is another take on the paper salad idea: punch out shaped punch pieces and put them in a medium flat cello with a cool topper as door prized this was really cool when we had more shapes, but now it would be cool to make photo corners with our neat corner punches -- especially for scrapbookers.
  21. The smaller scraps are great for using with punches. {Jen says - I sometimes sit down and pre-punch shapes that are the right size - you can keep the shapes in a little baggie, then if you need a scallop circle, go see if you have one in the right color before you punch a new one}
  22. If I need a die cut, I grab scraps!
  23. When making a mini album (or any project, really) where small corners, strips, and pockets are needed, the scraps are normally all you need.
  24. Scraps are perfect for creating eyelet/brad “washers.” This is another opportunity to add a coordinating splash of color to your project.

Have a great paper scrap tip to share? Leave a comment - I'll go back and add them in. Happy Tuesday everyone!

4 people made my day!:

Anonymous said...

Great tips! Thanks for passing them on!

Richelle said...

Great tips! I have a ton of scrap and I just dont know what to do with them...these tips are a great help! Thanks.

Danyelle Kessler said...

Great tips! I have the storing in color families going, but after that it all goes downhill. The pre-punching is a fabulous idea...I could prolly cut down on my cardstock consumption considerably.

sjk said...

What a great post with super ideas! Thanks for the suggestions. They all make sense to me. Now could you just POP over and help me?

Thanks again for the Blog Candy....Those chalks are beautiful!!
Sara in WI

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