Monday, April 14, 2008

Awards and Tags!

Happy Monday! I am finally getting some time to post some WAY overdue awards and tags from some of my fabulous blogging friends. I know I've been a bad blogger lately ~ sorry! We are trying to sell our house and boy does that take a lot of TIME.

First up, a tag from Lorraine. If you haven't seen her blog, you should check it out - she's got great ideas! This is the Seven Random Facts one - tell Seven Random Facts about yourself and tag seven other bloggers. I have trouble with this one - I am just not that interesting I guess! I did do it once before but I thought up some new facts for today. heehee.

1. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher "when I grew up" - beacuse my dad was a teacher at the time. That only lasted until about middle school though, when I realized that I have NO patience for the kind of explaining and time it takes to teach someone school subjects - like math.
2. I'm such a hoarder - always have been {what papercrafter isn't right??}. When I was younger, whenever I got "more" of something, or something new, my dad used to say "look, something shiny!" because I'm such a pack rat. {get it - because the pack rats take all the shiny stuff and run it back to their burrow or wherever and keep it forever, never using it for anything or throwing it out....kind of like patterned paper.}
3. When I was pregnant with my DS #1 I had some memory problems. Either from "mommy brain" or from lack of sleep, not sure which! One day we were doing some landscaping and I went into the garage to get something, completely forgetting what I needed when I got in there. As I'm standing there my DH comes to find me and asks what I'm doing. I remember - sort of. I told him I was looking for "the hole-maker thing". He stared at me....then he says {in the voice they use with the people at the "special" hospital} "do you mean that you need a shovel?". Honestly! I could not remember the word shovel for the life of me, or where I would find one in our garage. Once he said that it all clicked back though. It was a bit bizarre though.
4. I prefer Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi any day.
5. I love to read. If it is "my time" and I'm not stamping {or blog surfing!!} you'll find me reading.
6. I always wanted to be able to sew. My mom can sew really well - she's amazing, actually. Doesn't even need patterns. But I can't! Although I recently bought one of those Hello Kitty sewing machines (a 3/4 size no less!) for sewing on cards and layouts. Now, if I can just figure out how to use it...
7. My cell phone ring tone is the song "Rockstar" by Nickelback. I love that song!

So - what's the verdict, am I dull? Did you even read down this far? Well, I'll try to get some better facts for the next tag, how's that sound? :)

I am going to tag:

I also have a "You Cheer Me Up" award from Monkia Davis at M.A.D. Stamper. Thanks Monika! I've been stalking {um, I mean reading} her blog for-evah and she does amazing work. She's also got a feature "Treasures of the Day" sharing great cards she's found in her blog adventures for even MORE insiration. Very cool!

I'm giving this one to Deb at Paper, Ink, Scissors and Stamps {she's so fun and I LOVE her blog} and Mary Dawn at My Pink Mexico because they cheer ME up!

Last one, I have a You Make My Day award from Sue at StampinDaly. Thanks Sue! I know I've been a bad blogger lately with {not} leaving comments much - just been too busy. I am so happy to have such great blogging friends to still think of me even when I am MIA! You're all fabulous. I am passing this award on to Richelle at Lady Bug Spots {for ALWAYS leaving me such wonderful comments!}, Giovana at A Place to Praise and Craft {I hope you get your trip to Peru SOON}, Wendy at Inkling of Love {for giving me your blog addy to check out - I love it, you're such a doll!}, and Delia at Scrapping With Friends {she's a newer blogger but sooo talented - I LOVE her layouts and she's so sweet too!}.

Whew, I think I am caught up with tags now at least. I have a lot of projects sitting here too, but I have to run to preschool for awhile. Hopefully I'll have some more posts later today!

7 people made my day!:

Richelle said...

LOL...those were fun! I hear you on the "mommy brain" memory loss...too long of story for here...but basically I went on a trip when I was about 3mths along and "lost" my really wasnt lost I just couldnt remember what it looked like! boy did I feel
btw...thanks for the award-back at ya!

Mary Dawn said...

this is so freaky, because i for real got this from someone else today!!!!

and boy, did i need it

thank you soooo much

Giovana said...

Thanks so much Jennifer, very sweet from you.
God bless

Deb Neerman said...

Hi Jennifer! Wowza, thanks so much for the kewl award!!!!

I think you already know that I jess love your blog ... and I visit your Glittery Hair everyday, so this means a lot more to me than you know!!

Man, this has really been MY day!!!

You rock g/friend!!!

~Hugs, Deb

Wendy Cassidy said...

Jennifer, thanks so much for the award! It's my first one, so it's making me feel like a true blogger now :) Thanks again!!

Delia said...

Thanks so much!! My very first award, I am so thrilled. I am still in the learning stages, but I am having lots of fun. Thanks Jennifer, for the award and for sharing your great blog with all of us!!!

Gia Harvey said...

Loved reading all your info!

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