Monday, January 28, 2008

Who Doesn't LOVE Stickles?!

Just popping in quick before I take DS #1 to pre-school. I have some projects to post too but I have to take the pics first (story of my life!). I've had a few questions about Stickles lately, since they are popping up on every one of my "complete supply lists" for projects these days. I am sooo addicted to Stickles! So anyway, in order to not reinvent the wheel, I wanted to share a link to a FABULOUS blog that I read every day - Follow Your Bliss by Trudee Sauer.

More specifically, a link to a particular post where Trudee has a photo of almost all the different colors of Stickles and a description of each one. I have found this enormously helpful, especially with the clear colors that just have various types of glitter in them. Now I actually know what I'm buying and can choose the best Stickles for the job, LOL.

Here is the article.

I buy my Stickles from Scrapbook Pal, where they are only $1.75 w/ free shipping over $25. I LOVE Scrapbook Pal, I buy all my adhesive, Sakura Glaze Pens, Cutterpede stuff and Stickles from them. And they ship FAST (so don't order on Thursday - it'll come on Saturday and your DH will see the box, heeeeeheeheehehe).

Hope this helps someone!

1 people made my day!:

Trudee said...

Jennifer! I am so glad my post has helped you! Thanks for the link!! Hugs,

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