Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sweet Rewards

Here's another project I made using my Goal Calendar with the Kids stamp set from JessicaLynn
Original's spring release (it's TOMORROW!!).

This is a little coupon/reward book. These are great for teacher gifts/daycare providers, Darling Husbands (Valentines Day is coming!), and of course, our own kids. This one is geared towards kids, although I did have a fun idea to make a card with one coupon in it for a "date night" for my husband. Just haven't gotten to it yet - but I'll post it when I do!

This is a really easy project. It's basically a matchbook concept but elongated to fit the coupons. The outside of the booklet is 12" x 3-3/8". Place the paper pattern side down, and working from the right edge, score at 1/2", 5-3/4", and 6". The first score will make up the tuck-in slot. The other two will make up the spine of the booklet.

I folded over my tuck section and stapled it into place. Make sure you have your staples hit at 1/4" from the new, folded-over right edge so you have enough room to tuck in your flap.

I did the cover on my computer using the ChartreuseParsonsSH Font. Sponged the edges and mounted on some Making Memories lime colored designer paper.

The coupons inside are on pieces of 5" x 2-1/2" white cardstock. I stamped the large coupon stamp from the JessicaLynn Original stamp set in Night of Navy ink on each piece. I used the perforating blade in my Cutterpede to perforate at 1/2" from the left side for easy removal. I cut a 1/2" by 2-1/2" of designer paper from the same piece as the cover, folded it around the left edge and stapled to bind them together. This booklet has 6 coupons in it. I attached it to the cover using very thin foam tape along the left edge under the designer paper binding (because of the staples).

I left these blank so they can be used for anything. With all the kid-oriented projects I've made in the last week or two I don't have an immediate use for this - the treat jar is working well right now so we're going to stick with that for awhile. Maybe I'll give this little booklet away as a gift!

As a final step, I added sticky strip and beads to my tuck-in flap just for fun. Since it is 1/2" wide you can use two pieces of sticky strip to fit perfectly over the top and then press the beads in. Make sure you press them in hard or they won't stick! I like to do this last and then lay it flat so it can set up overnight and really get a good adhesion on those beads so they stay put.

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