Monday, January 7, 2008

EZ Mount & Super Sale!

This is a SERIOUS sale you guys. Sunday International has slashed prices on EZ Mount. It's practically FREE! Click -->> HERE <<--- to go right to the sale page.

Have I mentioned before how much I love the EZ Mount/Vinyl Cling system? Well, I do. Love, love it, really -- here's why. I have a lot of stamps. I know I do. I don't need my DH *telling* me how many I have or *asking* me if I really need more. I am also a serious hoarder of other papercrafting-related products: paper, embellishments, paper, ribbon, paper -- you get the idea. I think you can see where I'm going with this...

I have a storage space PROBLEM in my stamp room. In that I don't have enough space to put everything, no matter what I do. The solution for the stamp part of it is EZ Mount (or a reduction in inventory, which as we all know is not an acceptable solution). With EZ Mount you can get an entire plastic stamp case of wood mounted stamps (i.e. SU) down into one CD case. SWOON!

What is EZ Mount? It's a static cling mounting cushion and comes in two sizes. The 1/8" thickness is the same as what most wood-mounted stamps come with, except instead of sticky stuff to get attached to the wood block, it has a cling side that sticks to acrylic blocks. The 1/16" thickness is good for small stamps, or I have heard some people use it with their Stampin' Up! stamps as is. They peel the paper from the SU stamps and stick it to the sticky side of the thin foam so they don't have to remove the rubber from the foam and remount. I personally haven't tried this, I just pull the rubber from the foam and remount. I'll do a tutorial on using the Heat Knife to do this with sets you have that were already mounted to wood, it is amazing! EZ mount never wears out, it sticks over and over to acrylic blocks and other smooth surfaces. Sets can be stored in CD cases or in 3-ring binders, just peel the stamp and stick it where you want it to go. To use the stamps, I have a whole set of acrylic blocks that I bought on eBay awhile back in a whole range of sizes, although you can buy them just about anywhere.

Another reason to have EZ Mount is all the great new stamp manufacturers that are popping up online. Many of them sell just rubber, no wood or cushion of any kids. So to use the stamps you need to either buy wood and mount them that way, use the EZ Mount system, or some people use double-sided tape or Aleene's Tack it Over and Over to adhere to the acrylic blocks. Personally, I like the cushion.

Ok, I'm off, I have two new cards to photograph and share with you, I never got a chance to take the pics yesterday so today will be a multiple-post day - yahoo!

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