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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Experimental Marine Biology by Susannah Nix REVIEW



Best Friends to HEA…

...with a side of SCIENCE! The latest release from Susannah Nix is yet another romantic HIT! I’ve read everything she’s written, and have never been disappointed. She brings voice to the quirky, nerdy heroines and lets them stand on their own two feet and demand their spotlight. Experimental Marine Biology is the fifth book in her “Chemistry Lessons” series, but it is absolutely able to be read as a stand-alone.

Susannah’s books are always quirky, sassy, smart, and downright enjoyable reads. Experimental Marine Biology lived up to my whale-sized expectations (and then some!). I flew through it within one day because I simply couldn’t put it down. While the book is clever and well-paced, funny and sexy, it’s also emotional, genuine and deep. One of my *favorite* things about Susannah’s books is the fact that her characters are smart and complex – but also REAL. They have flaws and baggage just like the rest of us. The struggles (romantic, social, and workplace) are both relatable and funny, which is not that easy to pull off!

Brooke and Dylan were childhood friends...who stayed in touch despite distance and life changes...and finally got it together and fell in love (or...admitted they’d always been in love?). This book is romantic and sweet, geeky and witty, with clever comedy and emotional depth woven throughout. I recommend this book, along with the rest of Susannah’s works.

I voluntarily received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review, but I would have happily bought it as I have others. I’m thrilled beyond words that we have another Chemistry Lessons story to look forward to!

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Note on triggers – the story and characters are real – remember I said that? Well they’re flawed, as are we all. Content warning for abortion, cancer, and emotional abuse/neglect from family members.

My general rating rationale:

3 – Perfectly fine story, perhaps some minor editorial errors. Entertaining. Typically with this rating I feel like there could have been MORE – be it believably/relatability, character development, internal dialogue, explanations or depth, richness to the overall storyline, etc. May lose a bit of engagement here and there but always finish reading.
4 – A very good book. Engaging, with well-developed characters, a great plot, relatable scenarios; keeps you invested to the last page. Would recommend to reader friends.
5 – Can’t say enough amazing things, loved the characters, fabulously detailed plot, a quick hook, intense investment in both story and characters (including supporting characters) throughout the book. Will tell anyone who will listen that they should read it (if they won’t listen, I’ll be louder).

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