Sunday, December 2, 2007

Season's Greetings #2

Here's the next card for the FCD Season's Greetings set. Very simple but I was quite pleased with it. I even went with traditional Christmas colors if you can believe it!! Glorious Green and Real Red, and Shimmery White of course. No card is complete without Shimmery White paper, it is just too yummy for words!

I used craft ink on the ornaments this time, and then put clear embossing powder over the top so they are raised and shiny (hard to see in the pic). Had to mask them so the ornament bulbs didn't overlap with the hanging parts.

I make my masks using post-it notes (stamp near the top so at least part is on the sticky area). I cut them out very carefully using the Stampin' Up! paper snips with the short, sharp blade. Good scissors are essential!! I know it's a bit time consuming the first time you need to mask with a set, but it is an important thing to know in papercrafting and you want things to look right! I like to cut just inside the lines to ensure that you don't have that halo of dead space between the mask and the overstamped image. Then, save the post-it note mask if it's not too gunked up and store it right in the CD case with your stamps! Next time you need to mask something you're all set to go.

I also used the anywhere hole punch and setter to do the eyelets since it was too far in for the crop-a-dile (another absolute must-have tool for all things papercrafting. I mean that literally!).

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