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Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally Friday Favorites - 08/15/08

You are about to hear the 5:00 whistle!! It's FRIDAY people, the weekend is finally here! I have scoured my Google Reader for some fabulous inspiration to share with you, and here it is - this week's Finally Friday Favorites!

  • Sesame Street Scallops Card by Danita. Seriously, this could not be cuter or more creative. LOVE it!
  • Happy Birthday Princess from Julia. So sweet! Love the flowers. I need a little girl's birthday party so I can make one like this!
  • Halloween Silhouettes by Linsey. Spooky! The shadow is fabulous. You can see more from Linsey on her personal blog.
  • Be the Change from Mandy. Beautiful card, such lovely color choices and I am wild for all the bling!
  • AVS10 Card by Heather. She made ALL 12 cards in like 1 day. I am in awe. This one is my favorite.
  • Dutch Dare #10 from Jennifer. This is SO cute, I love all the colors she used and her coloring is perfect as always.
  • Cupcake Card by Susan Liles. Love the color combo and I need those stamps.
  • Summer on the Patio by Susan. Gorgeous! Look at all the details! I need these stamps too.
  • Neighborly Thank You from Lynn. What an amazing project. I wish she was my neighbor. ;)
  • Cupcakes Grow On Trees by Tammy. Too cute! Love the colors and all the embossing. Plus it's just clever & fun.

Have a great weekend! We have the most *precious* of all things happening tonight...a BABYSITTER! So we're steppin' out with some friends - ya-hoo!

5 people made my day!:

Tammy Hershberger said...

Aw, Jennifer! Thank you so much! You are so super for doing this as much as you do, and you truly made my day! Hope you and hubby have a great evening!

Danita said...

Jennifer, thank you so much for highlighting my Sesame Street card and your kind words!!! Thank you so much, you made my day too!!!

Kelly L said...

Hey, Jennifer, I was wondering if you heard anything about the JLO Olympic games? Has it been postponed? I didn't see it on the DT blog, here at your blog, or Cathy's blog. Just checkin. Nothing new yet on JLO's web site either. I just posted it on my blog, but I hope I don't get a lot of questions prior to more info from JessicaLynn or Amanda. :) Kel

Julia said...

Awww Thanks!! I was really not liking that card but you made me feel a little better about it : )

Jennifer Love said...

You are so sweet! Thank you for the shout-out on my card. :) I feel so honored to be among all those great talented ladies!

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