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Monday, August 25, 2008

A LONG Overdue Thank You Post

I have some blog candy "thank you"s and photos to share with the world - and I am ashamed to say these are from late June/early July. They ended up getting caught in the Category 5 Hurricane of our household move and I never got them photogrpahed and posted. So, sorry for the lateness and a HUGE thank you to everyone for the candy RAKs and prizes. *MWAH* to each of you!

This one is from Lorraine Rowe. She had a "guess where I CASE'd this card from in the SU catty" contest and I won her candy. Can you BELIEVE the amazing generosity?!?! Three unmounted SU stamp sets. Don't worry, they have found a loving home, heeheehee. She also sent me this beautiful card:

This next one is from Deb Neerman. I got four new stamps from Diva Impressions - NICE! Can't wait to ink 'em up now that they are found again (I did a little stamp area cleaning and moving around over the weekend - just a little, but look at the fabulous finds, LOL. Imagine when it's all finished....).

Lastly, I got these great clear stamps from Page Plans. I won one of their weekly sketch contests (Page Plans 5), and this was my prize. Wow!! As soon as I have time again I'll be back to doing their weekly sketch challenges - if you haven't visited them yet, check it out! Chris & Lesli are super talented.

5 people made my day!:

Kelli said...

Okay, so first off, sorry I've been so quiet lately, going back to work full time has been taking its' toll on me for sure! But I've been hiding something in my stamp/scrap room, check out my blog!

No timeframe yet, hopefully you'll see these up close in a week or two if I can get my act together.

Deb Neerman said...

EVERYONE loves Jennifer-G!!!

'Specially me!

Okay, whazzup with all this rhyming?!? Last four comments I've left, I've inadvertently written prose ... I'd say poetry but this is light years away from poetry, LOLOL! I think I'm crackin' up ... ah, well, it had to happen!

Anywho, Miss Lucky-Clucky-Grossly-Unfairly-Talented Bonnie finally 'fessed up about her card. It's half DP, and half BG stamps. BG & CHF. I'll wait while you get out your spiffy Decoder Ring ...

Off to see what else you've been creatin'!!!

~Huggies & Depends!

Jennifer Love said...

What great RAKs! I am ALWAYS amazed at the generosity of the stamping world.

Anonymous said...

Those are definitely acts of kindness, but there is nothing random about deserve it!
That's a hook up, right there!

Kelly L said...

Wow!! What a GREAT month or two it was for you! :) Lucky girl. ;) Kel

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