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Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Red Carpet Time!

OMGosh! Such a busy day yesterday I was barely even online (*GASP*, right!?) and this morning I had an e-mail waiting from the insanely talented and wickedly funny Danyelle over at Hangnailz n' Papercutz giving me this "E" for Excellence blog award!! *shriek*

I am still soooo excited & honored by the sweet comments! I'd like to thank the Academy....wait that's not right. I would like to thank my two DS's for hopefully TAKING A NAP (please oh please) every day so I can stamp. *snort* - I don't know, do you think begging like that actually helps? Anyhoo...if you haven't seen Danyelle's place, swing by - it's a definite add to my daily Google Reader reads!

One of the coolest thing about this award - I get to pass it on to ten fabulous bloggers myself!! Woo hoo! Check back tomorrow for that list, I am not going to get to finishing my selections tonight. Happy blog surfing!

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