Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yes, I'm Alive...

....and still pregnant too, which is good! We are at 35 weeks today and it's been 5 days since I last had contractions (that I know of anyway). So I am to stay on the medications and bedrest through November 1st, but after that the doctors are saying that I'll be able to resume normal activity until the baby comes. Once I hit that "magic number" they won't do anything to stop the labor so baby will be able to come at any time. Of course she warned me I may still go full term, sometimes they "work so hard to stop labor, then have trouble getting it started again". NOT interested in that, let me tell ya! I covered baby's ears while we had that conversation. :)

We will see what happens, I think that we will be taking things day by day - several times when I was "off" the meds (i.e. middle of the night) the contractions started themselves up again, so it's just impossible to guess what'll happen once the pills stop. I just hate that too - lots of uncertainty but at least my mom is here and all of my fabulous neighbors and friends who helped out that first time, have offered to take DS #1 if we need a break or need a fast run to the hospital, AND have been bringing us meals a few times a week to help lighten the load around here. It's just overwhelming, I love you all!

That's the news from here. No new projects to post, sadly, but hopefully soon. I've been working on baby announcements from my bed here, and also a cute little kid's game I think you'll all love. Plus I have my October cards for FireCracker Designs to do (yes, they are WAY late but Pamela is wonderfully understanding), and I'll be doing the November cards ASAP when the set arrives so we don't have this lateness problem again. As things get finished I'll get them uploaded so you can check everything out.

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