Friday, November 16, 2007

Treasure Hunt Weekend at FireCracker Designs!!

Pamela over at FireCracker Designs is SO excited that her gallery and tutorials page for her new website are up and running that she is having a TREASURE HUNT!!!! You will find the gallery is sorted by stamp sets, new art, and customer art! The free fonts and sketches are back up too!! She is still uploading images, and tutorials too, so be sure to check back often!!

Here's how the treasure hunt works:

Part 1:
Somewhere hiding in the gallery are 2 coupons!! Both are single-use coupons (means each customer can only use the coupon one time); one expires at midnite on Sunday Nov. 18th. The other coupon doesn't expire until Dec. 17th!!!!! That gives you an entire month to make up your wish list!! To use them, you have to first FIND them!!! Here's a hint.....they are both located in the Stamp Sets album!!

Part 2:
There are 3 hidden images (they are marked "Surprise!" on the image). If you place a minimum order of $10 and find the 3 surprise images, send an email to Pamela telling her which images they are and you will get a free stamp for each image you find correctly. Limit of 3 free images per customer. (Free images will be selected by Pamela.)

HINT: All the hidden images are located somewhere in the gallery!

(Yes, you can combine Part 1, with Part 2!! and no, you can not combine the coupons).

Happy Hunting!!!

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