Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can You Believe It?

Still no baby! After 4 weeks on bedrest with lots of contractions and other fun the whole time, I figured this guy was going to be born the day I got up and started walking around again. Alas, no such luck and we are still waiting to meet this little boy. I can't believe it! He's starting to get big too (at least to me!), so we are ready for him any time he'd like to join the world. Just wanted to give a quick update!

On a more upbeat (read: stampin'!!) note, I had some great "ME" time yesterday and made FOUR cards with the adorable Snow Lady Wreath stamp set from Firecracker Designs by Pamela. I just love snowmen stamps anyway, and the little boy snowman in this set is the perfect size! The cards are done but not photographed yet - I am hoping to post them tomorrow so stay tuned!

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