Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh, the Joy of New Rubbah...

Lookie what came for me yesterday!!! A big fat envie full of wonderful new rubbah from Starving Artist Stamps. *swoon* What a beautiful sight!!! I just love these designs and they have a lot of new stuff out since last I ordered. In addition to the stamps I chose, I also tossed in $5 for the One Million Stamps Project that Tracey (the owner) is working on. You can read about it HERE on the blog (or on the main website). Let me just say, if you have not already done so, double-click over there and do your part! The images that I got are awesome, I have already used a couple of them. And seriously, the value here - she sent me SO MANY images of all sizes and categories - I feel bad not sending more money. Maybe I'll go buy more - that will ease my guilt, right?

Plus I got a package from Purple Onion Designs on Monday. I only ordered a few things from them, but I have some of their other stamps already and their images are also very cool. I got a great deal through the Rubber Stamp Chat virtual convention I mentioned in an earlier post, plus Michele, the owner, sent me 3 little "extra" stamps - a nice size "thanks" a "you rock" and a smaller version of one of the stamps I bought. WOW again! It doesn't get any better than this.

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Maria said...

I ordered from the buck for a million promotion at Starving Artistamps as well. I loved what I rec'd, I too may have to get more!