Sunday, September 9, 2007

Altered Composition Book

Here is the last project that I've completed for my September FCD creations. I do need to make at least one more - hopefully tomorrow I'll get some stamping time. This is just a plain composition book that I covered with patterned paper, added in the thin grid strips over the top and then stamped on it with my Clearly Cool stamp set. I felt like it still needed more so I made up a tag and added a brown prima - had to do a little more tinting first to get some color going on it. I needed inspiration before I started this project, so I themed this notebook as a journal for my Darling Husband and I to write down some of our stories and memories from our trip to Italy last year. We waited and planned for so long, and I thought it would be a fun "walk down memory lane" project for us to do together. Then when I am ready to sit down and scrapbook the photos from that trip (there are SO MANY!!) I'll have some of the great recollections right there at my fingertips. I think that having a special place to put those ideas makes you more inclined to actually take the time get them on paper, YKWIM? (or maybe that's just me, but hey, it works!).

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