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Monday, October 21, 2019

Book Review - Maybe This Christmas

My review of Maybe This Christmas by Susannah Nix. Release Date: October 22, 2019.

Maybe this Christmas...they’ll finally get it right!

This is an absolute gem of a story – a sweet second-chance, friends-to-lovers romance spanning a decade!

Alexandra and Lucas were friends FOREVER. Best friends! At the beginning of the story, we meet them over the Christmas holiday of their senior year of high school. Over the course of this heart-warming tale, their relationship evolves into high school sweethearts, to estranged friends, and ultimately to the HEA you just KNEW they could get to if they could just get onto the same page!

The format of this novella is just perfect, each chapter shows us the events of a Christmas one year after the last, and focuses on the viewpoint of either Alex or Lucas. I found this just brilliant, as you can see over time the way they evolve and grow as individuals as they slowly find their way back to each other (although it didn’t feel slow at ALL as you’re reading it; I read it all in one sitting as these two just grabbed me and dragged me into their story from the first word).

This book is just what you need to jump start your holiday spirit and ALL the good feels! A stand-alone novella that will leave you wanting for nothing and engaged until the final words, we get the perfect natural ending to this couple’s journey with no cliffhangers. Susannah Nix has quickly become one of my FAVORITE authors, and this book definitely lived up to my expectations.

Release date: October 22, 2019.

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.**

MAYBE THIS CHRISTMAS is a completely standalone small town second-chance romance novella priced at 99¢, and is available for ebook only.

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TITLE: Maybe This Christmas
AUTHOR: Susannah Nix
RELEASE DATE: October 22, 2019
PRICE: $0.99
Two best friends. Ten Christmases. One happy ending.
When best friends Alexandra and Lucas share a first kiss on Christmas night their senior year of high school, it feels like the best years of their lives are ahead of them.
Then Alex goes off to college, and Lucas stays behind to work at his dad’s construction business in the small beach town where they grew up. Life, as they say, happens. And somewhere along the way these two high school sweethearts find they don’t have as much in common as they once did.
Lucas’s life is on Beaufort Island, and Alex is all about getting away and moving on. So he makes one of the hardest decisions of his life and lets her go.
But every year when Alex comes home for the holidays, fate conspires to reunite the two former lovebirds on Christmas Day. Year after year, through good times and bad, Lucas and Alex meet up, catch up, and reconnect on the anniversary of their first kiss.
Is it too much to hope that one year they’ll find their way back to each other permanently?
Maybe even this Christmas.
* * *
Susannah Nix is a RITA® Award-winning author of contemporary romance who lives in Texas with her husband, two ornery cats, and a flatulent pit bull. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, knitting, watching stupid amounts of television, and getting distracted by Tumblr. She is also a powerlifter who can deadlift as much as Captain America weighs.

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