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Friday, December 29, 2017

Oddball Art Stamps - New Release Inspiration!

Hello bloggers! We are back from our vacation, and I'm going to be doing some AWESOME catch-up posts to share all the fun and fabby projects I finished before we left (but didn't have time to post!!). Today I am showing off another of the CUTE CUTE CUTE new release animal images that you can find in the Oddball Art Stamps Etsy Shop! 

I had a lot of fun creating this card featuring these adorable goldfish - Image No. 410. I actually turned them into Betta Fish - my boys each have a betta fish, one is blue and one is burgundy and pinkish. So this project was inspired by those guys - Darwin & Gumball.

Don't forget, we still have our monthly challenge at Oddball Art Stamps that we'd love to have you play along with! You can read all the details HERE. There are still plenty of prizes up for grabs, and time to enter!! The month's optional theme is "Christmas Lights".

Be sure to use coupon code DTJENNIFER10 when you're shopping at the Oddball Etsy Shop so you can save a few pennies!! So many new images in the store; don't miss out!

 photo e7222538-56f5-48de-b78d-3aa7deb8e3d1.jpg

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