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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Well, Happy 2015!

I thought I would try a blog post. YES! I'm still around here and I'm looking forward to getting back into stamping. After so So SO many trials and tribulations over the last couple of years, I am healthy, I have a healthy family, slightly more self-reliant little boys, and...MOST importantly of all...A BRAND NEW SPANKIN' BEAUTIFUL STAMPING ROOM custom built for me, by hubs.  It was just finished a couple of weeks ago and I've been unpacking, organizing, reorganizing, and getting reacquainted with all of my beautiful, wonderful, *amazing* crafting supplies.

Photos coming soon. I know you want to see them! :D

Time to dust things off and have a glitter-baptism of the new space! Right?!

2 people made my day!:

Holly Young said...

yay! So glad to hear that you will be back to inspiring us all.

Jennifer_GlitterInMyHair said...

Thank you Holly for your sweet words and support! I habe missed creating even more then I had realized. I was so sad to hear about Squigglefly closing its doors. :( You shall go onward to exciting new adventures, I hope!

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