Thursday, January 26, 2012

365 Cards - Day 333: At This Moment

Hello in blog land!!  It's Friday, Friday!  That means I get to share a new card with you from 365 Cards!  Today's challenge -- "At This Moment".  At THIS VERY MOMENT, what are you doing?  What are you thinking?  What comes to your mind?  Translate YOUR moment into a card!

I am going to share my moment-inspired card, but I also want to share HOW I came to it.  It's a really great story, I promise!

My amazing little first grader has had a bit of a struggle staying challenged this year in school.  It's been very tough for him as he is SO intellectually curious, he all but demands knowledge.  We've all had our ups and downs with this over the last few months, trying to find a way to balance his need for higher education with his need to be seven, plus the various extra-curriculars, work and home.  Earlier this week he had a visit day at a different school.  He was incredibly nervous!!  (Well, who wouldn't be right?).  We talked it through for days beforehand; he went but he was worried.  I came back at the end of the day and my brave little man had 13 new best friends.  Could not have asked for a better day!  The big bonus?  Today we found out that he has been accepted.  :)  Could not be more proud and excited for him.  Absolutely COULD NOT.  So here's my card, obviously, in honor of my extremely proud mommy moment (I'm sorry the picture is not very good. I think the camera is due for a little checkup):

Alright!!!  Day 333 you guys!!  My how the time goes by.  :)  Happy stamping, don't forget to link up on the 365 Cards Blog so we can all see YOUR inspirational moment!  

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