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Friday, September 16, 2011

365 Cards - Day 200

It's Friday, Friday.  WOOT!  I need a Friday.  Actually, I need a week of them I think.  :D  How are you today stampy friends?  Ready for the weekend??  Here's a fun challenge to jump start your creativity for the upcoming days from 365 Cards.

Go to your utility/junk drawer, and pick out something that you can use on your card today.  Oooh!!  Challenging and very clever!  Here is mine:

See the bottle cap?  We goes to the utility drawer, we pulls out the bottle opener.  We opens the beer and gives to the hubs (ew, beer).  Then...we STEALS the cap for our card!!!  Yes, we are tricksy.

Stamp is from Paper Pretties.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Don't forget to visit the 365 Cards blog to link up your projects! 

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