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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PWC159 - White on White

Good morning Prettie Peeps!  Welcome to your Wednesday.  :)  Are you ready for the Prettie Wednesday Challenge?! I bet you are!  If you play along with us you could WIN!   Check out the Paper Pretties Blog for all the details!

For this week's challenge (keyword: PWC159) it's...white on white time.  No colored cardstock or patterned paper.  Um, *eep*  LOL!  This was tough for me.  To play along, create a white-on-white card, and  link up on the Paper Pretties Blog to enter.  Here is my contribution using Fun Quotes.  Yes, again. 

Finally got the photo up!  Thanks Chris!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Don't forget to head over to the Paper Pretties Blog for a full list of the day's eye candy and all the challenge (and PRIZE) details!  You link up THERE for your chance to win!  Happy stamping everyone!

3 people made my day!:

Chris said...

Hi Jen, blogger is a pain. I couldn't upload fron the blog dashboard. what I did was open the photo, right clicked on it, chose "save as" and then clicked on "blog" it then opened a blogger thing that I signed in on (for about the tenth time today) and the photo went there and I was able to post as usual. I don't know if you could edit to this post but if you can't get a photo on later try doing it that way.
of course you can just do the photo this way and cut and paste all your text onto that to make a new post and delete this one.
Lots of work but with Blogger these days you gotta do all kinds of stuff to keep your blog alive.

Anonymous said...

Jen, you card is awesome. I love the quote...the embellishing with a railroad sign is such an amazing idea/ Black & white always creates a stunning card!!!

Jessie/knightrone said...

LOVE that cool!

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